The open declaration is becoming increasingly important for food producers, since the number of consumers who are looking for an open and understandable ingredient statement of foods is growing day by day.

Many consumers have become careful in their choice of foods, numerous scandals shook in the past, the consumer alert. It must be a food manufacturer that has to respond, if he wants to remain on the market long term, because the claim of the consumer, a clear and accessible overview to get the ingredients of the food consumed by him, is rightly continue to rise in future. No consumer wants to buy at the present time the "pig in a poke", but rather to be clearly informed about what he eats.

An irrefutable fact is that benefit certain groups of consumers (allergic) in the special measure by an even clearer declaration, as it calls for the legislation to date.

Fortunately, legislation requires more detailed information in the declaration of food. This also benefits the growing number of allergy sufferers who know in today's list of ingredients-barely jungle, what they can eat, without waking up the next moment in the emergency room of a hospital. For this reason, in the declaration yet some move in the right direction.

A "clean label" should stand for a clear and unequivocal declaration of food. However, the term "clean label" has to be defined clearly itself firstly.

Our project (the site "") has the right to use the term "clean label" to define. Rather, it appears necessary, the term clearly delineate, as more and more products come to market with this designation in its evaluation criteria used are very vague.

Since it is not possible to obtain protection for the trademark term, accurate intelligence is required. How do we define the term "clean label" and why we do it exactly the way we explain under what is Clean Label?

Of course, we also welcome your suggestions and opinions, no matter whether you are a manufacturer or consumer. Only then is it possible to keep the current definition of the term, as they always should be the review.

On a pleasant cooperation

Markus Messemer